You are wrong. You are quite right. Nothing of the kind. I can’t quite agree with you. On the contrary. Sure. You are not right.

Model:Speaker: You study at the Medical Institute.(Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering).

Student: Nothing of the kind, I study at Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering.

1. You miss the lectures on surveying technology (attend).

2. You failed in an exam on higher mathematics (passed).

3. You live in the students’ residence (with my family).

4. Your living place is miles away from the University (not far).

5. You are non-local (from Kazan).

6. You go to your native town on foot (by train).

7. You get to the University by bus (by Metro).

8. It takes you about half of an hour to get to the Institute (30 minutes).

9. You take examinations three times a year (two times).

10. Your favourite subject is descriptive geometry (English).

2. Answer the following questions:

1. What Institute do you study at? 1.Economics and Business Management in Construction 2.Architecture and Design 3.Building Construction 4.Transport Structures 5.Building Technologies, Engineering systems and Ecology.

2. What is your future profession concerned with? 1.Architecture 2.Town planning 3.Road construction 4.HVAC 5. Environment conservation 6.Water supply 7.Economics in Construction 8.Building Technologies 9.Real Estate 10.IT in Construction

3. Translate from Russian into English:

- Ты иногородний?

- Нет, я живу в Казани, но далеко от нашего вуза.

- Как ты добираешься до университета?

- У меня занимает один час времени, чтобы добраться на автобусе.

- А я живу в общежитии недалеко от учебных корпусов; у меня уходит всего пять минут на дорогу.

Insert prepositions or adverbs where necessary.

1. Do you know that you’ve got a bad mark … your test?

2. He failed … the exam … English.

3. He has been absent … class this week.

4. All the students … our group attended lectures … various subjects.

5. The teacher told the student to check … the exercise.

6. … the end of the term all students are busy preparing … the coming exams.

7. My neighbour studies … the University … the department of Building Materials. He is … his third year.

8. How many students are there … your groups?

9. The names of all bad students are … the lists … the Dean’ office.

10. The monitor will get books …the whole group … the library.

5. Answer the following questions:

1. How many subjects do you study now?

2. Do you find mathematics and descriptive geometry very difficult?

3. How long does it usually take you to do your homework?

4. Do you like to do your home task alone or together with a friend?

5. Where do you borrow the necessary textbooks?

6. How often do you miss classes?

7. How long does it take you to get to the University?

Circle the odd words.

1 Tutorial Lecturer Laboratory work Seminar
2 Architecture Economist Engineer Architect
3 Course Academic process Term Semester
4 Physics Foreign language Math Construction

7. Imagine that you are discussing some courses of lectures with a friend of yours .You highly appreciate them; your friend criticizes the lectures. What would you both say? Speak using these statements:I agree/disagree; you are right/wrong; I think/don’t think so.

1. The professors speak (from notes, from a written lecture, from memory, use IT Technologies).

2. Lecture courses are valuable because the professors who teach them (are specialists in their fields, great enthusiasts, and real orators). Their lectures (are over detailed, instructive).

3. Lecture halls are usually (rather small, quite large, very small, bright, dark).

8. Act the scene. Introduce yourself and try to find out as much as you can about your group mates:

future plans
living place

9. You are talking to a student of our university about the university:

Institutes, Departments, his studies, his schedule, favourite subjects, his future profession etc. What questions would you ask him?

10. Match the following words and word combinations:

scientific centre A подземный переход
prestigious B специализированная мастерская
University campus C общежитие
academic building D столовая
underground crossing E учебное здание
covered bridge F крытый переход
purpose-built workshop G студенческий профилакторий
well-equipped laboratory H престижный
refectory I научный центр
health centre K университетский городок
Students residence L хорошо оборудованная лаборатория